DIO’s intensive workshops aspire to create, prepare, and set-free fully self-expressed individuals. The new eight week workshop curriculum provides education on topics like body language, facial expression, choreography, apparel, cosmetics, etiquette, grace and performance attitude and close out with a “draguation” performance. Participants benefit from increased self-awareness, empowerment and a sense of accomplishment after having developed an “alter ego” with prevailing characteristics they are able to assimilate into their day-to-day lives.

Who teaches our workshops? We work with the best in South Florida! Drag professionals who are qualified in one or more area, theatre, have a career in the Art of Drag, and notable community standings. Our DragStar Coaches and special guests are, well how can we say it lightly, public CELEBRITIES who know a thing or two about how to present yourself and GIVING BACK to our community! If you want to know who… come meet them yourself!

Art of Drag 101: Signature Workshop Series

Drag Queen, Bio Queen or Faux Queen Workshop

In tandem with our traditional Drag Queen workshop, designed for males impersonating females, Drag it OUT offers a Bio Queen workshop for biological women. A Bio Queen is a female performance artist who adopts the same exaggerated style and behavior as a male Drag Queen. This workshop is conducted by professional Drag Queens and their coaches in training (CIT). This course is intended to raise personal confidence and self expression by unleashing your “inner queen”. It’s not just glamour and glitter that makes these workshops memorable, it’s the team building and sisterhood created!

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King or Faux King Workshop

Running parallel to the Bio Queen workshop is our signature King workshop. This workshop encourages women to fully embrace their masculine identity.The King workshop encourages participants to step strongly into a male role of their creation. Faux/Bio King is for biological males who adopt an exaggerated masculine behavior and style. It’s not just facial hair, “binding” and “packing” that makes these workshops memorable, it’s the group dynamics, friendships, vision and creativity that keeps the workshops full — time after time.

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* Drag It OUT, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization, and all monetary donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by tax laws.