Diversity & Equality Policy
Drag it OUT, hereinafter referred to as DIO is firmly committed to diversity and equality in all areas of its operations. We seek to ensure that our organization respects and includes everyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, disability, medical condition, marital status, race, language, national origin, religious belief, political views or any other defining factor.Participation Policy
In order to attend the open to the public workshops, volunteer, perform or travel with DIO, participants must be 18 years of age or older. There are exceptions made on a case by case basis for those under 18 who have full parental permission and support. There are also exceptions for workshops created specifically for those under 18, these youth workshops are not open to the public.

Committee Requirement: In order to be an active member of DIO, participants must be actively Involved in a minimum of 1 committee and show a proven track record of accomplishments. If a participant fails to meet the requirements of their committee duties they will become an inactive member and be unable to be involved in DIO events until make up work and reinstatement agreement is completed.

Attendance Policy
Participants are required to attend ALL workshops, practices, meetings or rehearsals that are scheduled. DIO agrees to make a diligent effort to notify participants of all required commitment dates as early as possible. If you’re unable to attend for any reason an agreement must be made ahead of time. (Make up work may be required).

Emergencies: We understand that from time to time emergencies happen, if something beyond your control happens and you are unable to attend any scheduled event calls must be made to your immediate supervisor/leader/coach. We look out for one another and the team is relying on you to be there calls must be made until someone is reached in person.

No Call /No Show: A call/no show is a serious offense. We work together as a team and if one person is missing, there is a big impact. This offense will follow the disciplinary action protocol.

Tardiness: Integrity is one of our core values, we aim to start workshops, practices, meetings and rehearsals on time. When someone is late to a practice is holds up the entire team. First time being late will be a verbal warning, repeated violation of the Tardiness Policy will follow the disciplinary action protocol.

Fundraising policy
Participants are required to take part in all fundraising efforts, including but not limited to volunteering for the annual Red Tie Gala, Jello Shot Fundraisers, Carwashes, Online Fundraising Campaigns and Street Team Fundraising.

Media relations policy
DIO has established the following Media Relations Policy in order to ensure clear, factual communications with the public and protect the interests of all our members.

DIO press releases are issued at the discretion of management in order to promote major accomplishments and activities.

Members are encouraged to promote, demonstrate their support, and praise the work of DIO through communications with the media, provided the work referenced has already been officially announced. When issuing press releases and speaking to editors and analysts, members should:

  1. be clear that their comments reflect their own views, not necessarily those of DIO;
  2. discuss only work that has already been officially announced by DIO; and
  3. be accurate, taking care to reference the correct and complete name of the DIO Committee, standard, or specification.

Drinking/Drugs Policy
It is the policy of DIO to have workshop, practice, meeting, rehearsal and performance spaces that are free of drug and alcohol abuse. The use, sale, dispensing, distribution, possession or manufacture or illegal drugs, narcotics, alcohol or other controlled substances are strictly prohibited during DIO time. Additionally, being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is strictly prohibited while at ANY workshop, practice, meeting, rehearsal or performance.

Members, volunteers and participants possessions and containers under their control are subject to search and surveillance at all times while on DIO time or other locations where DIO business is being conducted.

As DIO is an 18+ organization we understand there will be some participants that are under the legal age to drink. Providing alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 is strictly prohibited and illegal. Anyone found to have provided alcohol to someone under the age of 21 is subject to immediate removal and suspension.

DIO fundraisers, mixers and events will not be required to be dry events but members, volunteers or participants will be subject to removal and disciplinary action protocol should any behavior detrimental to DIO be caused by alcohol or drugs.

Fighting/Assault Policy
DIO is build on commUNITY, teamwork and mutual respect. Physical, verbal or emotional fighting or assaults will not be tolerated in person or online. This includes gossip, personal insults and blatant disrespect.

Dating Policy
Involvement in DIO offers a place to meet new friends, develop strong connections and possibly even find love. Because you are delving into the world of self-expression, empowerment and unearthing vulnerabilities it is not uncommon to develop a romantic interest in someone who may be taking a workshop. It is the strict policy of DIO that no romantic or sexual involvements be entered into while any of the involved parties is enrolled in any workshop. We believe that if something special is there between interested parties patience can be had until the workshop time is complete.

Social Media/Online Policy
While a member, volunteer or participant in DIO you will be required to adhere to this policy. All online interactions in which DIO, its members or leadership is mentioned will be conducted in a civil and respectful manner. Should there be negative comments regarding DIO or any of its members ever made, no one is to comment on them but instead inform Executive Management or the Board of Directors.

While an active participant of DIO you are spokesperson for the organization, role model for future participants and a community advocate. All posts, photos and conversations online should be conducted in accordance to this. This means no drug references, excessive bragging about inebriation, slandering or badmouthing anybody. The rule used to determine whether what you might be saying could be in violation of this rule is simple.

  • Could this message/photo be hurtful to anyone? (Even if the person it is about is “not” your friend.)
  • Does this message/photo contain anything illegal? (Drug references, underage drinking etc.)
  • Is this message/photo unprofessional? (Talking about getting smashed, photos of people passed out etc.)

When Issues Arise Policy
Not all things are perfect all the time, and we understand there are often differences of opinions. If a problem arises between individuals it is strongly advised that differences attempted to be worked out with calm and respectful communication. If the problem cannot be resolved, it is recommended that the person contact Executive Management to request a mediated conversation or file a formal grievance to avoid any further disruption to the organization.

Disciplinary Action Protocol
Consequences for any violation or infraction of any of the above DIO policies or for any other inappropriate behavior that the Executive Management or Board of Directors believes should be acted upon are as follows:

1st offense – Warning followed by a citation;
2nd offense – Suspension from all DIO events for a time determined by BOD
3rd offense – Force leave of absence for at least 6 months

All decisions and suspensions are subject to the BOD approval or veto.  All situations will be evaluated and decided upon by the BOD.

Voluntary Exit
To continue to do good work DIO relies heavily on volunteer participants, leadership and interns. All positions volunteers can be involved in require a minimum of a 6 month commitment with an automatic renewal. In keeping within the value of integrity it is requested that as much notice as possible is given when there is intention to leave a position, this allows for training of a replacement. If ample notice is not possible please allow a minimum of 2 weeks notice given to Executive Management.