When you partner with Drag It Out, you contribute to DIO’s sustainability and growth. Our annual partners are our foundation. You are the building blocks that help us stand strong in carrying out our mission and vision.

To provide a safe space for the LGBTQ community and their supporters who are interested in exploring gender identity, self-expression and community activism by way of educational workshops, social opportunities and artistic projects.

By creating platforms where individual expression is appreciated and accepted, DIO will emerge as a vital resource within the LGBTQA community whereby laying the groundwork for a solid foundation to raise awareness, embrace diversity, and promote progressive thinking, globally.

As a team, we will work together to provide workshops, performances and charity events for causes that matter in our community– dissolving barriers and raising awareness. For information on how to become one of our annual sponsors please feel free to contact us today!

* Drag It OUT, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization, and all monetary donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by tax laws.

Current Sponsors

Being a badass is a state of mind, regardless of one’s gender.

Unfortunately, a business woman who is strong-willed, ambitious and clear about her goals is too often labeled a “bitch.” Being an edgy and vocal woman is not always celebrated in the business environment.

Being a card-carrying Badass Business Woman does not merely announce and unleash your inner badass. Consider us a tribe – coming together, challenging and mentoring one another in today’s male-oriented business world.

Being a Badass Business Woman is not about running stiletto-clad circles around men. It’s about gracefully striding forward in the business world with a radiant strength and confident dexterity that is uniquely female.

Unleashing ART & ARTISTS Everywhere. Our ART is getting artists & art out in the world.  We are THE resource for Artists, Art Lovers & Art Businesses on the planet.  We are more than just an art community – we are a new way of life for those engaged in ART. We connect artists to everything ART: other artists, collectors, buyers, agents, galleries, coaches, teachers, critics, projects, workshops, news, events, shows, exhibits, supplies, studios + more.  We will bring people to your work, give you a space to create & express yourself in, play match-maker for you with people who are looking for your work & places you are looking to get your work exposed, train you in techniques, coach you in the art of business &  make opportunities across the globe available to you.  Open to Artists of EVERY medium: visual, performance, dance, music, writing – if you create it is art.