Drag It Out (aka DIO) was formed in late 2008, out of a team project aimed at giving back to the community. Given as a challenge in a leadership course, the goal was to create a community project that takes him or her into a community of people. Incorporating the desire to enable people to experience freedom, self-expression and fun, Tabatha Mudra formed DIO as a liberating project that involved community organizations, leaders, and members to step outside their comfort zones and experience theatrical gender bending. Either through workshops, community events, outreach and committee meetings, Drag It Out brings forth awareness and participation by giving back to the community.

 Quarterly DIO advertises a casting call through word of mouth, social networks, and local free advertising with partnering businesses for willing and able people who are interested in participating and desire to be of service. To educate and train interested participants, DIO conducts an 8 week intensive workshop, each class duration is 3 hours once a week, where attendees concentrate on self-confidence, make-up, performance technique and skills to master the art of gender illusion. Workshops are held at Enlight Studios and lead by local professionals and DIO volunteer staff. Participants are guided through the process and ultimately direct and produce their own musical or theatrical numbers for a graduation ensemble performance that raises awareness and money for local community based organizations. The workshops began in October 2008, and to date five successful phases have been completed and 48 special projects. Throughout the process, all activities are free of charge and all devoted time is on a volunteer basis.

Community Events and Outreach
 Aside from finale “draguate” productions, DIO is constantly conducting ongoing community events in partnership with other local organizations. From being key note speakers at conferences on gender and woman issues, participating in food and toy drives, and putting on fundraising events, DIO has created a network amongst local businesses and organizations that has strengthened their existence and enabled them to thrive.