INTEGRITY We are honest and truthful at all times. We go to great lengths to keep our commitments.

RESPECT We talk ideas, not people. When there is an issue we go directly to the source. We always respect the abilities and contributions of others.

We act with compassion always, understanding that everyone is always struggling with something.

We are an integral part of something bigger than ourselves and understand that true happiness comes only through helpful service.

commUNITY We work harmoniously with others to achieve great things.  

RESPONSIBILITY We always assume full responsibility for our actions.

We will be open and direct in our communication. When we don’t understand something, we always ask for clarification.

DIVERSITY We value our differences as assets and something to take pride in.

We are emPOWERed individuals, passionate about everything we do and it shows by our dedication and the excellence of our work.

Through our personal development and awareness we empower each other to take initiative and to do what’s right.

LEADership We lead by positive example and strive to offer an environment where anyone who seeks leadership is given the space to grow.

TRANSformation We strive to grow together and make the world a better place.