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Outlet Plugging Women into the Arts 2013

Question: “How do you plug over 90 lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LBTQ) identified young women, nine workshops, a social mixer, and a live performance

March 22, 2013 News, Wilton Manors

Drag It Out Presents: Glow Bowl

Drag It Out is always doing performances, but this weekend was different. We actually had an evening to just hang out and let loose. So

Drag It Out Presents: Kind Of A Drag

Drag It Out was fortunate enough to be apart of this great event. Kind of a Drag was held in the Sunshine Cathedral with countless

Drag It Out Presents: Misty Eyez Birthday Bash

Trannie Palace was the scene of another fabulous event hosted by yours truly Misty Eyez, but tonight was different. Tonight was all about her, it

Drag It Out Presents: A Very Classy…Nasty Christmas Carol

December 17th was the scene of yet another Drag It Out event in Wilton Manors. Yet again we have stunned the crowd with 5 brand

Drag It Out Presents: Aids Walk 2010

A few members of Drag It Out showed their community support by attending the yearly Aids Walk in Wilton Manors. So many people were covering

Drag It Out Presents: Be Brave, Be Strong, Be Yourself Candlelight Vigil at Georgie’s Alibi

Have you heard about all the recent suicides due to bullying in school? Well Fort Lauderdale as well as many other cities throughout the United

Drag It Out Presents: Candlelight Vigil for Anti-Gay Bullying

October 11th 2010 was a day to always remember, it was a day to show our support for all the nameless souls who had taken

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