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Twat LaRouge and Chocolatta volunteering with Drag It Out 5

DRAG IT OUT, bitch.

It has come that time, dahhings, for me to start giving you a look into the sequin covered looking glass. So you ask, what is

Hello, My name is Baby Tiquanisha Jones Shakaria III… But you can call me Sammy.

Well I am a ball of mixed emotions, hunnnnay-darlings. A concoction of overjoyed, thrilled, nervous, intimidated, and blessed best describes it. Allow me to take

August 02, 2010 News
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Welcome the the ‘DIO’ BLOG!

Hello, hellllloooo my dahhlings! My name is Alex, AKA Baby Tiquanisha Jones Shakaria III, and I will be your diva blogstress with the most-ess from the DRAG IT

August 01, 2010 News


Here are the new Flyers for our Phase 5 Draguate Event ~ Drag Phenomenon!!! Please add these flyers to your Facebook, make them your default,

August 20, 0002 Events, News
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