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Drag It Out presents: Nightmare on Wilton Drive

Nightmare on Wilton Drive How many creepy zombies, scary vampires and sexy drag kings and queens did you see lurking through Wilton Drive? Well I

Drag It Out Presents: Be Brave, Be Strong, Be Yourself Candlelight Vigil at Georgie’s Alibi

Have you heard about all the recent suicides due to bullying in school? Well Fort Lauderdale as well as many other cities throughout the United

Drag It Out Presents: Candlelight Vigil for Anti-Gay Bullying

October 11th 2010 was a day to always remember, it was a day to show our support for all the nameless souls who had taken

(KING) Student Insight: Lauren Pike

Oh hunnnnay! Boy (get it, BOY… Drag Kings…. Whatever.) do I have a treat for you! It’s another student insight! This time, we take you

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