Rehearse in the car, in the shower, in front of a mirror, in front of friends, whenever you can! We have all been taught the basics.  The facial hair, the binding, the shading, the mentality.  The show is in less than a month and it is time to perfect our performances.  I have finally gotten my character down!  As the classes continued, the confusion and aggravation dissapeared.  I was spending more time being my character than I had before.  I guess I kind of got caught up in it.  I no longer was frustrated about what to wear or what facial hair to do.  It started to come naturally.

Now, our classes are run-through’s.  We each critique each other and help strengthen each line and chorus.  It’s fun! We are having so much fun with it.  I get on that stage and it all makes sense again.  The shaking is decreasing and my heart isn’t as fast.  Just gotta make sure you hit your mark, know your words, and if you fuck up, KEEP GOING! 

Some of us are creepy, some will crack you up, some are smooth and some just wanna get your attention.  Regardless, we are here and we are proud!

So gentlemen, grab that tie, jacket and fedora and find ourselves a nice, lonely mirror and perform the shit out of your number!!