In 32 days, 24 performers will be taking the stage, one at a time, at the Manor in Wilton Manors.  They are as excited as they are terrified.  But the Drag It Out support system does not allow fear to take over.  The Drag Momma’s and Daddy’s are there to change their lives in ways they never expected.  Check it out…

“Hi, I’m Angie, a.k.a., Justin Enout.  Well, as a dragling, I am loving every second of becoming a ‘man’.  This class has completely blown my mind and has opened up my creativity in crazy ways.  Before I was kinda stuck on this whole douche bag guy thing.  But, now I have expanded my mind and I’m a rebel who just can’t wait to kick some ass on stage!  It’s awesome to see my progress and how each week my character and performance and just my overall appearance has been improving and changing.  I’ll be sure to blog again, but for now Angie is done, although Justin would like to say some words…

Yo, Justin Enout at your service!  I just want all my guys and gals out there to know what I can’t wait to tear up that stage and blow all of your minds!  You all better be cheering your asses off for my sexy ass, cause you know I’, gonna tear it up.  Laterrrr!!!!”

- Angela Zuniga

“I’d have to say that joining DIO has definitely been an experience I wasn’t expecting.  I originally joined it because friends were telling me I should & because it just looked like fun.  But now it’s become more than just having fun.  I’ve met a lot of different people that I probabyly would never have met before, my way of interacting with people is changing, I’m more open to expressing myself & allowing myself to be more creative and out of the box,  I;n usually a very shy person, very quiet & observant of everyone else.  But throughout this experience, I’ve been learning to be more expressive, be more interactive, and it’s really helped me come of my comfort zone.  I honestly get excited every week cause I never know what we’re going to learn or do.  Rico has been extremely amazing and very instrumental in understanding me & connecting with me in a way that would re-assure me that being our of my zone is okay.  He’s been an awesome coach & mentor, everyone at DIO has been very supporting & welcoming.  This is definitely not the experience I thought it was going to be.  I’m extremely thankful that I decided to go ahead & do this, because I am having an amazing time learning new things and being part of a very diverse group.”

-Mo (Lix-A-Lot)

From just a few of the Kings, you can see that this is life altering for different reasons but for everyone.  We have chosen our songs.  We have had our coaching and have been choreographed.  Green paper, screaming fans, extremely tall stage… Bring it!

“I am not afraid just because you think you’re cooler than me, in your short skirt and long jacket. I’m no American idiot! So,  bottoms up because I’m caught up and ready for the kill with my unfortunate erection!”