As a fun way to bring even more insight about the Drag It Out world, we’ll be bringing you a “guest” blog every week; written by my fellow students.
This weeks student insight comes from Andalena Meyer. Andalena has been a long-time Drag It OUT supporter, and recentley took the plunge and decided to join DIO’s Phase 5 workshops as a BioQueen.

“So my name is Bad Betty Rocker, and I’m enjoying the queen class so much. It is a true way of self expression, without judgement… DIO has been in my life for a while now, and I truly love and believe in what we do. Every single experience I’ve had with the organization has been a positive one. I look forward to performing, having fun, meeting new people, connecting, and helping the community; as well as continuing to educate the world about drag. The coaches are one of my favorite parts of class, they make it fun while educating… And as far as challenges, I think my biggest one would be the NERVE to get my ass up on stage! I was a dancer when I was a kid, and did many recitals, but this is a wholeee nuthaa’ level! I can do a mad lip-sync after some shots; but man, am I nervous!!! We have been up and running, helping the KQA (Kids, Queers, and Animals) for a long time now, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! So if you don’t know what DIO is about by now, you betta’ ask somebody!!”

Bad Betty Rocker is her name, and you can see her preform alongside the other Drag IT OUT phase 5 students, October 3rd!