Oh hunnnnay! Boy (get it, BOY… Drag Kings…. Whatever.) do I have a treat for you! It’s another student insight! This time, we take you into the wonderful testosterone and penis filled world of the Drag It OUT KING classes, with this student insight by Lauren Pike… Also known as Predator X!

“Sup ladies and gents? I’m Lauren, but my drag name is Predator X. I got introduced to Drag It OUT by Dixon Hand, AKA Amy… and I must say, I was very interested. I witnessed my first drag show in the Winter of 2009, and as I was looking at everyone on the stage, I thought to myself: “I want to do that so badly…” So, I finally got the bravery to sign up for the King Classes offered by DIO. Once I started Drag, I’ve never looked back. I always wanted to perform on stage but could never muster up the courage to sign up for anything so controversial. I did it though, and I absolutely LOVE it. Every class is such an awesome experience. I learn a LOT every time I go to the class. I’ve always wanted to explore my feelings about gender variance- Personally, I don’t feel entirely male or entirely female. I’m somewhat in between. I’m not transgender, but I love gender bending. Now, on to my character:
Predator X is basically self-explanatory. He’s a hunter, a man who knows how to make use of what he has in any situation in an efficient manner, whether it be a physical confrontation or getting women to fall for him. He’s NOT someone you want to mess with. He’s off his rocker just a little bit… Oh hell who am I kidding, he’s completely nuts. But he knows how to get your attention and keep it focused on him. When he wants to make a point, he makes it loud and clear.
My main fear about Drag is that I have a bit of stage fright, & I’m trying really hard to overcome that. I also can’t dance THAT well, but you can bet your bottom dollar I’m going to work my butt off to cure that.
So all in all, I’m really looking forward to the next several weeks of Drag classes, and I strongly suggest to everyone to come check it out. :)

Well damn! Thanks to Lauren Pike for taking us into her world! You can see Lauren as Mister Predator X preforming with the rest of the lovely kings of DIO, SOON! More details to come.

And on a septate note, my update of this weeks QUEEN class is coming soon! Stay tuned!