I am a natural born performer.  Give me a challenge.  Outrageous make up.  Three part costumes.  Put me on a stage and I will shine. Wear facial hair and express your inner man?  Not so much.  This class is actually more frustrating for me than any other kind of performance that I have done in the past.  Creating this persona and actually executing this role is not so simple.

It was only recently did I realize that I was frustrating myself.  Kings are not limited.  There is no box for us to quietly whisper our ideas, likes, dislikes, opinions and hearts.  There is a stage with bright lights and loud speakers so that we can perform our hearts out and throw our passion into the faces of everyone in that crowd.  Flashy, vibrant and loud is not just for the queens!

We are breaking that pattern and getting ourselves out of the habit and idea that we are limited to just being dudes.  We are Kings.  The second a stiletto leaves that stage and a boot comes on, the aura is different.  Regal and powerful and noticeable.  The coaches are our Drag Daddy’s and they are lighting up that red carpet for us and showing us how to own our walk and own ourselves…

I am not going to sit here though, and lie to you by saying its easy and a piece of cake.  It’s a challenge.  Personally one of the hardest performance challenges I have had to face.  This seeps further than just stage presence.  It forces you to work out of your comfort zone.  Whether you are more comfortable staying in a corner and trying to not be noticed, or if flamboyancy is the only way for you.  Being a king takes a lot out of you.

Luckily enough, I’m not in it alone.  There are other girls in this class that are struggling with the same things that I am.  Not being man enough.  Not owning our stage.  Not knowing the words to our song.  We are helping and looking out for one another.  It’s a brotherly bond I’ve never experienced before but one that I am so grateful to have.

-Salina Barbosa aka Kenny Dooya