Well I am a ball of mixed emotions, hunnnnay-darlings. A concoction of overjoyed, thrilled, nervous, intimidated, and blessed best describes it.
Allow me to take you along the wonderful and glitter filled path of my drag story, for those of you interested. My male name is Alex, and I am a drag-loving 17 year old. My drag persona and name is “Baby Tiquanisha Jones Shakaria Ty-quan-esha Jones Sha-car-ia III: but you can call her Sammy.” She is a vivacious sexpot, campy queen. A bitch, to say the least. Not to mention if you don’t keep your eye on her, she’ll steal your man. Lets take the drag time machine back to a few years ago.
Honest confession: I was freaked out by drag. That is, before
I went to LIPS for my very first time. Long and boring story short, my eyes were fully opened to the art of drag that night. My waitress, Chocolatta, completely changed my viewpoint, and (without sounding melodramatic) life in the process. From that point on, I lived, breathed, and dreamed of drag. My second visit to LIPS was my birthday; I told some of the queens of my aspiring dream. That’s when they introduced me to the fabulous Twat LaRouge and Chocolatta, who told me about the Drag It Out classes.
“What the fucking fuck,” I thought. I was pretty much teary eyed that whole night. All I’ve been wanting was to explore my dream of drag and self expression. I just had no idea how… or where to start. So, wait, now you’re telling me that there’s a class I could take (free of charge), with two of the most talented drag queens in South Florida?? What’s the catch.
The rest is history. I started in Phase 5 and haven’t looked back since. I feel so blessed and thankful for the opportunity given to me. A class to become a fucking drag queen? How amazing.
The basics about me:
-I am a gay 17 year old full time high-school student.
-I am not Transgender. I am simply a person who loves the expression of drag (see here).
-From the moment I heard about “Drag It Out,” I wanted to not only take the class… but be involved in the organization (in any way possible).
-This is me, with the lovely Twat LaRouge at LIPS restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale:
Even when I’m not in drag, I still manage to pose like a diva.
It’s nice to meet you, world!