Let’s take a look into a world of women learning how to perform as men.  And not just your ordinary men, KINGS.  I am in Wednesday night king class and I’m giving you a taste of what happens when the duct tape unrolls.

This is my second phase with Drag It Out.  For phase 4 I was a queen.  A diva.  The sway of my hips matched with the stomp of my heel was all I needed to turn heads in a room.  Something that doesn’t come that hard considering I’m already a woman.  But king class is different.  There are members of this class who can relate to being a boy a lot better than I can.  I am the girl with the 40-something pairs of heels and I know the difference between a sweater and a cami, between a pump and a stiletto and which make up is best for your skin.  I stand with an attitude naturally and I flutter and jump when I’m excited.  How many masculine men have you seen jumping up for joy because Disney on Ice is coming?

So this experience is having a new effect on things.  Queen class taught me how to extend and exaggerate and take everything I’ve got and shove it out.  King class is teaching me to look inside and find that masculinity in me that might be lost among the pink tulle and glitter.

It takes a minute to recognize myself when I am all “kinged” out.  Facial hair on, boobs down, pants baggy… Your demeanor changes when all the pieces start to come together.  I can’t lie, I’m not 100% comfortable in this new skin yet, but I can’t wait for Wednesday.