It has come that time, dahhings, for me to start giving you a look into the sequin covered looking glass. So you ask, what is Drag It Out? Here’s what the website says:

“DIO supports and educates the community through workshops, mentoring and FUNdraising events. We challenge gender stereotypes by breaking down barriers to eradicate stigma through entertainment. Participants form an increased sense of self-awareness within a supportive and accepting atmosphere while raising money for community-based causes.”

So what is it actually like? An artistic orgasm, filled with color, sequins, self-express, and drag love. But being in the class is a whole different story; something that text on a website could not possibly describe.
We are currently in progress of Phase 5, week 5. This post is meant to catch you up on the past four weeks I’ve missed out on blogging!
Drag It Out offers three different workshops: two workshops for “Drag Kings,” and one workshop for us queens. Someone (yet to be decided) will be bringing you insight from the king classes, but for now, let’s talk about what a “typical” queen class is like.

The Queen workshop is taught by two of the most talented queens in South Florida: Twat LaRouge (right), and Chocolatta (left). These queens volunteer their time, skill, and presence to teach us aspiring Drag Queens (male impersonating female) and Bio-Queens (biological women, impersonating men, impersonating women) everything there is to know about the art of drag. It may look easy, but there is a lot to learn. We are currently in week five of the workshop. During the three hour workshops over the past four weeks, we’ve been learning the basics.

Everything from learning about the make-up fundamentals, to building the persona and character, building the look, and finding your “drag-itude.” What we do exactly changes from class-to-class, but features various activities to further build our skills. At the end of every workshop, we practice the lip-sync performance that we will be preforming in front of a live audience. (Shameless Plug: Come see Drag it OUT Phase 5 preform October 3rd, 2010. Details to come soon.)

The English language can not describe how amazing these workshops are. Now that you’re caught up on the past four weeks, we now join WEEK FIVE… Already in progress! Stay tuned!