Coming up on two years in October 2010 since the active idea was born to create a movement in the art of contribution, energy, community and commitment…in DRAG!

Yes Drag it OUT has come a long way through the economic storm, and not without some gifts and growing pains in its continued growth and expansion.
There are times I sit and think, how, just how can I get the juices of this multi-plex organization on paper that will communicate clearly what really really really reeeeally goes on in Drag it OUT?
Starting here, starting NOW!
A love of full self-expression without judgement or harm caused a ‘space’ to be created for anyone willing to let go of binary gender roles and connect for themselves an area to reach the inner BOY and GIRL! Not to mention dedicate the time to areas of themselves to play with their own resistance of what they know to be socially acceptable and GO FOR IT!
Now what Drag it OUT is for me is relative to only me, our testimonials assist in giving us the overall understanding unique to each individual. For myself alone, I open up the studio doors for the sheer knowing that a safe space to experiment with gender, whether for theatrics, curiousity, contribution or for the grey areas of those questioning transgender or any other identity is a need in any community. The Drag it OUT creation space is not slight to, however, deeply connected to those we have lost in the past including persons like Brandon Teena, who if given the opportunity to have a safe supportive area to explore gender would have been cherished, loved and nurtured in a space for transactivism. When we are out in the community collaborating with Pride Festivals and the like there are instances where the verbal exchange is “wow, I just feel normal around you all, like I’m not being judged about my gender” and we have others that say “this is weird, why do you do this, its just weird”. So in regard to both, we know that the awareness is not at full capacity and we ready and willing to share our experience in this movement to creating a self-expressed place for all, “1″ human race.
The Nuts and Bolts of ‘DIO’:
Fundamental rules and dragulations;
Committees; Special Projects
Community Connection;
Support Structure;
Extended Benefits;
Policy & Structure including By-Laws;

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